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FinWise Global’s tax preparation services provides CA/CPA firms and Tax service providers of almost any size with a great new way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting filing timing deadlines, it is no doubt a life saver for many firms.

We have considerable experience in UK, US & Australia individual tax preparation.

In addition to individual Tax returns, we also specialize in Partnership Tax Return, Small Corporation Tax return, Corporation Tax Return, Payroll Tax Return, etc and provide you

one stop shop solution for your other needs like bookkeeping, accounts production, etc. Our streamlined training procedure ensures that our people are updated with the latest technology, software and workflow processes to enhance on-the-job efficiency for tax processing. We subscribe to online financial journals and buy various publications of CCH.

We have Processed more than 10,000 returns include Personal, Corporate & Partnership

How is it Done? Logistics
CA/CPA firm scans the data & uploads it on a dedicated network drive on their server for outsourcing firm to access or access to DMS is given FinWise Global connects to CA/CPA firm computer/ servers using secured VPN/RDP/Citrix/go to my PC® connection FinWise Global completes the work & log out from the remote computer/server for CA/CPA firm to review the tax return

Our current client CA/CPAs helps us to keep up to date on various Tax Laws.

Majority Benefits that CA/CPA firm would derive include:
Low Cost
Work done by Sand Martin will cost up to 60% less than the average cost currently incurred by a mainstream firm. This increase your bottom line and also provide impetus to acquire new clients which you never thought of adding.
Quick Turn Around
By out sourcing you could have 24/7 virtual office giving you quick turnaround of jobs, leading to improved client service & increased customer satisfaction.
Grow Your Firm
You can profit by doing more work in a season by using FinWise Global tax services. You will have Access to a dependable and trained back-office team well-versed in all the latest software. No Staff Crunch, ever!

  We have extensive experience in servicing international customers.
Our state of the art infrastructure set-up and qualified resources ensure quality services to   our customers.
Significant Tax Domain Expertise.
 Multi Tax Software knowledge
 We maintain the highest standards of business ethics.
 Total Commitment to Privacy of Data.
 Savings of 50-60% in Tax Preparation costs.
 Continuous Work Cycle: Overnight Turnover.
 CCH Subscription: To Keep Updated with Tax Laws.

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