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Financial Research Outsourcing

Why do the world's leading buy-side and sell-side firms rely on us?

Unmatched experience, breadth of services, and scale of engagement across sell side and buy side firms in Financial Research Outsourcing domain.

Marquee clientele: we support 12 of the top 15 global investment banks , 3 of the top 10 global asset management firms , in addition a number of clients in segments such as PE, Retail and Commercial Banks, hedge funds, and wealth managers through our Financial Research Outsourcing services. Most of these relationships are more than a decade-old, covering a whole gamut of activities in research and analytics, with engagement sizes ranging from as small as 1-3 FTEs to as large as 250 to 300+ FTEs.

Our Financial Research Outsourcing associates support coverage of over 2,300 stocks and 2,100 bond issues globally. In 2012 alone, our support to high-end research included:

  • Contributing to 575 sector reports, 790 thematic/strategy reports and 320 fund research and commentaries. We are also regularly attributed in reports of our clients.
  • Writing over 2,000 daily notes and 430+ global strategy reports.
  • Enable clients to outperform benchmark indices up to with "high conviction" investment ideas and on-the-ground research support.
  • Our associates support 172 Institutional Investor-ranked analysts in equity and fixed income research.
  • A 125-strong team of associates operating across time zones manage research support functions for multiple banks.
  • A 165-member team of associates support in research activities for a number of global buy side clients.

For a number of clients in the Financial Research Outsourcing domain, we are the sole supplier managing proprietary financial databases. Two of the top Institutional Investor-ranked financial model databases of large banks are supported only by FinWise Global, while research support functions such as product management are completely managed by us.

We follow an evolved, innovative and reliable quality control philosophy for our Financial Research Outsourcing services - sourcing of exceptional talent, right-fit staffing and robust research management underpin the value of services. Processes for talent sourcing are customized for each client and "client fit" is assessed prior to on-boarding.

Our Financial Research Outsourcing associates follow a unique approach to quality management through dedicated domain/sector leads. Sector leads assist in knowledge transfer, monitor research output quality and manage associate's work progression. Quality of deliverables has been at the heart of our long-standing relationship with our clients. As a result, in all these years, none of our clients for Financial Research Outsourcing have moved to other suppliers.

Risk and Analytics

Why are we the foremost provider of Risk and Analytics services?

Financial markets are forever in a flux, making it a challenge to evaluate and reduce risk. And recent regulations such as Dodd-Frank, Volcker Rule and Basel III have ushered in new paradigms in risk management and reporting.

FinWise Global can help you navigate these uncertainties with its end-to-end Risk and Analytics services.

FinWise Global has 2,000 man-years of experience in working with financial institutions on risk-related activities. This experience, coupled with our understanding of highly complex trades and regulatory issues, make us a one-stop shop for all front and middle-office solutions. Our services include risk management, regulatory compliance, quantitative research, model development and validation and actuarial services.

This has made us a partner of choice for many of the world's largest financial firms and companies for Risk and Analytics services.

We serve 75 retail, commercial and Investment banks, asset management companies and insurance companies globally.

Over the years, FinWise Global's reputation for being the 'best people to work with' has grown only stronger. As in our other verticals, we have built and nurtured a pool of subject-matter experts (including MBAs, PhDs, Masters in Statistics and Economics, FRMs, CAs, CPAs and CFAs) in the risk and analytics domains by fostering a climate of continuous learning. With a presence across continents and time-zones, we support clients around the clock for their Risk and Analytics requirements.

Our derivatives, quantitative, risk and actuarial specialists help apply incisive analytics to internal models, transition to more robust risk and trading platforms, measure risk in a more real-time manner, and comply with regulatory requirements including model validation and stress testing, making us one of the finest players in the Risk and Analytics services space.

Our Risk and Analytics services are delivered through our centres in Argentina, India, Poland, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York.

The financial markets today are dynamic and unpredictable, but FinWise Global helps you cut through the complexity and deal with risks with greater confidence with its cutting-edge Risk and Analytics services.

Corporate Research

Why are we the world's leading provider of custom research, enterprise marketing, and data analytics solutions?

We believe growth happens at the intersection of intelligence and action. But for decision-makers, access to actionable intelligence is always a challenge. And that's where FinWise Global's Corporate Research Services comes in, helping clients transform their strategy, sales & marketing, finance, and procurement functions.

FinWise Global Corporate Research Services has provided intelligence on over 11,000 global firms and insights on 70 sectors. We offer round-the-clock support across multiple time zones in Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.


As the world's preferred provider of corporate research to large corporations, small & mid-sized companies and professional services firms, we work with operations, strategy, and sales & marketing teams, offering solutions that blend deep-dive research, analytics and technology.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics offerings help corporates take informed decisions by providing insights based on data using advanced quantitative methods across Data Management and Business Intelligence, Predictive Modeling and Big data Analytics.

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