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FinWise Global has been providing bookkeeping outsourcing services to Accounting Firms, SMEs and Large Corporates, with our 10 years of proven expertise to all important business transactions, nature of it and along with knowledge of majority of bookkeeping software like Sage, QuickBooks, MYOB, KashFlow, TAS, XERO, VT Transaction, etc, we can provide quality bookkeeping services.

There is no need to mention that our Bookkeeping Outsourcing services could save you a lot, but at the same time we assure that bookkeeping is treated especially here giving you error free book and also customizing it to suit your needs, it only comes with experience in doing it. We have been doing bookkeeping extensively for UK, US and Australia and we could say that we are Industry expert in providing bookkeeping outsourcing services, we aim to produce output in a manner that helps our customers with further accounts or tax production work thereby minimizing the further cost

Our Bookkeeping services include

        Assets / equipment ledger maintenance
        General ledger maintenance
        Expenses ledger maintenance
        Accounts receivable services
        Accounts payable services
        Preparing ageing reports & summaries
        Bank account reconciliation services
        Credit card reconciliation services
        Inventory reconciliation
        Payroll reconciliations
        Cash flow management, etc

There was a time when only large corporates could get benefits from outsourcing their back office operations. According to a research around 65% of fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their back office operations, here is a chance for you to come in the same league, remember “outsourcing” is an accepted norm now and imperative business strategy to stay competitive in the market. It is more important now that you have an outsourcing strategy aligned with your firm wide business strategy. Don’t wait, sign up for Bookkeeping outsourcing services today to start availing the colossal benefits of it through FinWise Global.


There are different pricing model we have for you to choose from, ranging from FTE to Hourly. Here is a brief description of all

FTE (Full Time Employee) basis: FinWise Global dedicates staff members/team to your work. You will deal with the same staff and build the rapport required to produce a long lasting outsourcing relationship. Advantages in this method are:

1. Quick TAT: It takes same amount of time to turn around the job as somebody in your might have taken.
2. People working here become extension of your office, part of your team, in actual sense you have a global team this way.
3. Better & Consistent Quality

For good volume of work, we recommend FTE pricing model which is economical in comparison to Hourly Rate. FTE gives you 150 hours per month and the billing is monthly like you may have for your current employees. You may hire as low as 1 FTE to 20 FTEs (though there is no upper limit)

Pay as you go: You pay for hours that you want in advance, say 100 hrs in a month. We dedicate a resource pool to you for 100 hrs that only works on your job till 100 hrs are exhausted. If there are more hours put in than 100, then we bill you extra for that. Advantages of this system are Quick TAT and in summary it is mini version of FTE model.

Post Servicing: You allocate us a job, we complete it and bill you for the hours spent at a rate finalized. TAT is higher in this system as there is no resource pool allocated to you. This model is more suitable for small and ad-hoc outsourcing requirement.

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